Gagik Melkonyan

The Color of the Soul

My vision is larger-than-life hues beyond human nature’s bound, and I pay passionate homage to my multicultural legacy of internal dialogue and inner source of energy.  Since 1980 I had numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide. My art is considered as Expressive Impressionism. American magazine “Art Business News” in its three issues of 2008 reflects to my artworks. In 2000, three masterpieces of mine were sold at Carls Rui Henry’s Auction  in Germany.
I have an enlightening milieu in Fine Arts, Literature, Music, and Psychology.
My unique approach to life includes a focus on spiritual as well as mental and physical energy, individualism, personality, identity, character, spirituality, peace and inner harmony. My mission is to give freedom of expression.
In the United States and in Armenia I lectured about psychology of art.

I am the author of three fiction books: ( English-Armenian poetry “Forked Night”; short novels named “Blue Sunday” and “Capriccio”)
Everyone deserves to be happy.

We all need the strength to pursue our dreams.
Gagik Melkonyan

Gagik Melkonyan